How to judge whether the acrylic products are safe?

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  How to judge whether the acrylic products are safe? So far, some people have no confidence in acrylic products, and always think that acrylic products will harm the human body. First, we need to know acrylic products well. Acrylic chemicals are called polymethyl methacrylate, referred to as PMMA, alias plexiglass or acrylic products. Acrylic products are everywhere in our lives. And then, we will explain whether acrylic products are the problem.

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  Acrylic products have a lower melting point: the melting point of acrylic products is about 130 to 140 degrees Celsius (265 to 285 degrees Fahrenheit), far lower than the high temperature of glass about 1000 degrees Celsius, and the chemical formula of acrylic is (c5o2 h8)n. When acrylic is complete combustion, it will produces carbon dioxide and water. Acrylic products are now widely used in many ways. It's everywhere in our lives, from large logos and lightboxes used outside in large supermarkets to acrylic frames used in the home. Acrylic products are now made into food containers. Of course, what we are concerned about now is whether acrylic products are toxic. Since the melting point of the acrylic product is 130-140 degrees Celsius, it is impossible for the acrylic product to undergo a chemical reaction at room temperature. Therefore, acrylic articles are non-toxic at room temperature.

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  Of course, when the temperature exceeds 130 to 140 degrees Celsius, in the case of oxygen, it becomes another substance, and a chemical reaction occurs. When acrylic products are burned, harmful gases are generated, but this rarely happens. It cannot be said that acrylic products are toxic. We often use laser engraving machine equipment to process acrylic products and plexiglass display stands. Every time we engrave an acrylic sheet with a laser engraving machine, we always smell a pungent smell. This is a harmful gas generated by insufficient combustion of acrylic products. Therefore, when using a laser engraving machine, doors and windows should be opened to maintain ventilation. Especially in the winter, do not strictly close the doors and windows, do not open the air conditioner.

  In summary, acrylic products (plexiglass) produced under good conditions are not harmful to humans. Because of this, acrylic products will be widely dispersed in various industries.

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