Everything You need to know about Acrylic Product

2019-09-11 09:58:14 Ji'nan Jinbao Plastic Read

When you walk on the street or shop in the snack houses and chain convenience stores, you will find a lots of acrylic products including acrylic snack display racks, transparent food box and so on.Lets take a look at it.


1) Acrylic Food Box

Acrylic food box is made of high-definition transparent Jinbao board which is food-grade material and everyone like it and prefer it.The multi-layer display stand can meet the uniformity of the visual.The design of the ladder is convenient for customers to find the position of the foods .

Acrylic Food Box 

2)Acrylic Information Card

No matter in the large or the small shopping malls and supermarkets,information cards could be seen anywhere. Customers first is our best service concept so that you may need special acrylic information guide cards,acrylic price cards,acrylic signs and so on to guide and help customer to know your product easier and better.

Acrylic Information Card 

3)Acrylic Cake Shelves

Now, especially the little girls are increasingly demanding desserts, when  go to various cake shops, you will find all kinds of large and small acrylic cake shelves, fruit trays and so on.

 Acrylic Cake Shelves

In recent years, with the increasing maturity of acrylic processing technology, acrylic product styles are increasing and become more creative. The proportion of acrylic products in life is getting heavier and heavier, and it basically show up into all aspects of life.


  If you want to know more about acrylic product, please contact Jinbao plastic and we will tell you the secret how to make your life more colorful and comfortable.

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